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About BoomScape

BoomScape was first born in June 2013, we ran our online website for over a year up to around November 2014 of which we then closed due to myself not having enough time to bring updates/maintain the game. Now 2015 we are bringing back the game you all know & love BoomScape! Back when BoomScape was Booming! We had around 200 - 250 daily active players which was a fantastic achievement which we hope to gain again. We know we can achieve anything we try therefore BoomScape is going to be big! Working harder than ever before, running events & updates weekly, we will also have updates based upon the players through our forums, on the forums you will be able to request updates, requested updates with a lot of recognition will be seen and implemented into the game if possible!

So why not come and play BoomScape today?

Why join BoomScape?

You should join BoomScape because unlike other RSPS's we have been in the game for a long time, going back even past when we first opened in 2013, we've revised RSPS's from about 2010, this has made us knowledgeable about what we need to do for the players; keeping them active by given players new tasks, goals, bosses and just updates that are beneficial for the playerbase. We at BoomScape also know how to have a great community staff & player wise.