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Welcome to BoomScape's brand new revamped website!

BoomScape is one of the biggest RSPS's out there, we have just come back and we are going to be bigger than ever before! BoomScape use to have 100 - 250 players online and will get this many users active again, within BoomScape there is a lot of stuff to do from Minigames like Soulwars or Bossing with our special boss "WildyWyrm" BoomScape's toughest boss! You will have to train your account up to a high level before you even have a chance at Killing the Wyrm!

With all off BoomScape's great content you will never see a RSPS in the same way as BoomScape is the most advanced even our community is amazing! The BoomScape players will help out as much as they can, the second you join you will be entered into BoomScape's main Chat group so just ask questions in that chat and you will be helped by our users!

So? Are you Ready to Play BoomScape and become one of our greatest Warriors?

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-BoomScape Team

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